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Hi, I’m Vanessa – the mind behind this site.

I’m a wife, a mother, and a Christian who’s busting my butt to get out of debt and living the life I dreamed of through working from home.

Two things fuel the heart behind this blog.

1. To share what’s essential to effective money management (with the intention of helping you get out of debt).

I have a passion for helping others get out of debt because I know what it’s like to be wrecked by debt and I have seen first-hand how it can destroy lives.

I’m honestly sick and tired of it – it’s an ugly beast that needs to be slayed.

Our culture has created a consumer society filled with people chasing lifestyles their money cannot afford and I don’t want to feed that mentality. So, this site will not provide you tips on how to “get rich quick.”

Being financially free (to me) has nothing to do with getting rich.
Rather it’s about freedom.

When you have no debt and when you manage your money well, you’re free to live. Free to give. Free to enjoy life. Free to move forward with confidence.

I want that for you (and I want that for me, too).

2. I want to use my expertise from nearly a decade of working from home to show anyone who’s interested how to find their own work at home opportunity.

Working from home provides the freedom to manage your schedule and have authority over your time. The freedom to work when and where you want to. The freedom from your manager’s eyes peering over your shoulder every hour.

Finding a work from home job is hard. You’re no longer competing against people in your geographical area, but sometimes the competition can be global.

I’ve had several work from home opportunities over the years and I’ve used the same strategies to get every single one. I also work in HR/Admin Management, so I know exactly what remote employers look for in remote workers.

I want to help you achieve your work from home dreams because it’s possible. You just need to know how – and I’ll share all that and more with you!


….this site will be a mixed bag of getting out of debt and working from home – hence the name, fund your way home.

Debt does not belong in your life, so let’s get out of it!
Your employers don’t own your time, so let’s take back ownership!

The motto around here?
Get out of debt. Escape the cubicle. Live your life!

My Personal Journey to Financial Freedom

Flashback to 2015…

My husband and I are on a getaway for our anniversary (that we couldn’t afford) and we are sitting at our Airbnb kitchen table. I whipped up a mean breakfast – all the works. Bacon. Eggs. Fresh fruit. Buttered biscuit. #Breakfast4Champions

Just when you think I should’ve been googley eyed and filled with butterflies…

I wasn’t.

Instead, I was about ready to keel over and die because I was about to tell my husband that I had racked up over $1,000 of additional debt via PayPal Credit (my arch nemesis) that he had no idea about.

Once I finally mustered up enough courage to spit it out, my husband met me with grace.

He looked very disappointed, admitted I was making it hard for him to trust me financially, and he said, “we’ll take care of it.

He then went on to basically plead with me to get myself together. If we were ever going to get out of debt and live the financially free life we had always dreamed of, then I was going to need to get on board.

I’d like to say that was the last time I did something like that… but it wasn’t.

It took one more time of me collecting “secret debt” (twice the amount I had before) and seeing my husband’s disappointed expression to finally be pushed over the edge.

It was time I really come to terms with my problem.

I liked to spend money I didn’t have. And that was not okay.

Flashforward to today….

As I write this, (to be honest) my family and I are not out of debt yet. So, I’m still running in the race toward financial freedom right there with you.

But let me share with you the progress we’ve made…

When my husband and I married in late 2014, we entered our nuptials with an unbearable load of financial burden.

I brought about $30 THOUSAND dollars of student loan debt, about $5 THOUSAND dollars from a car loan and about $10 THOUSAND dollars of credit card debt. My husband brought about $10 THOUSAND dollars of student loans and about $5 THOUSAND dollars of credit card debt.

Yes – you did the math right. That meant we entered marriage with about $60 THOUSAND dollars in collective debt (did I mention we bought a car after our first kid came along that added an additional $20 THOUSAND in car loan debt?!). *FACEPALM*

So, where are we in terms of debt today?

I am so proud to say we only have less than $20,000 thousand in total debt. That means in less than five years we’ve paid about SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in total debt OFF (we’ll be debt free by early 2021).

I’d be lying if I said that I’m not indebted to my husband for the discipline, grace, encouragement and support he’s shown me through this whole process. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be where we are. And I’m so thankful for that.

This is Me

So, that’s the heart behind this blog.

I’m a money-abusing woman turned get-me-the-heck-out-of-debt club member. I’m tired of the burden debt brings. I love the freedom getting out of debt has brought already, and I want to help you get in on this goodness.

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