Samsung cellphone with Amazon logo on the screen. 10 Legit and Surprising Amazon Work from Home Jobs and Side Gigs

10 Legit Amazon Work From Home Jobs and Side Gigs

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I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard of Amazon for all of it’s Prime-ing benefits. But did you know that Amazon doesn’t only offer great deals, but there are Amazon work from home jobs for the taking, too?

This multi-faceted company is taking stay at home job opportunities to the next level. They now offer their dedicated customers a way to get in on the goodness. Amazon’s hiring work from home employees of all kinds, providing THOUSANDS of work from home jobs!

If you’re looking for a job from home or a side hustle to make extra cash, you’re in the right place.

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10 Legit (and Surprising) Amazon Work from Home Jobs and Side Gigs

Be your own boss and find an Amazon work from home job with Amazon FBA

1. Start Your Own Amazon FBA

One of the most popular ways to earn a legit income working from home for Amazon is by starting an Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) business.

Through Amazon FBA they’ll store your inventory and take care of the packaging, storing and customer service for your products. #Wowza!

While this sounds a little too good to be true, people are actually making an income doing it — and you can, too!

Starting an Amazon FBA business isn’t difficult, and the income potential is limitless. In order to be successful, it’s important you know what customers want, so you can devote your funds to a product people will actually buy.

So, before you begin your own stay at home Amazon FBA business, make sure you have a product worth investing in.

2. Become an Amazon Flex Driver

Interested in making anywhere from $18 to $25/hour by bringing joy to people’s doorsteps? If you’re into things like Uber or Lyft, but you prefer not to shuttle people in your car, why not shuttle packages instead?

Amazon Flex is essentially the same idea as Uber/Lyft, except I would say it’s a bit more flexible. You use their Flex app to coordinate package pick up and drop off from Amazon Fresh, Amazon Restaurants and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Flex is always hiring, but if they’re not hiring in your area put your name on the wait list.

If you’re looking for a side gig from home that can bring in some extra cash, becoming an Amazon Flex driver is a great idea!

3. Amazon Work from Home Customer Service Rep

Amazon work from home customer service reps is one of the most highly sought after jobs. While they do hire year round, they tend to hire more during the holiday season. In order to be considered they require a high school diploma and one year’s experience of customer service.

Hours can range anywhere from 20 to 40 hours per week, and you’ll be taking customer calls to help them resolve their issues. Naturally, this kind of work requires a quiet space to work and a reliable computer and phone system.

Some of Amazon’s stay at home jobs offer benefits and promotional opportunities. Apply to Amazon this holiday season as a customer service rep and begin your work at home career!

4. Get Free Products Working for Amazon Vine

In exchange for your honest feedback and reviews, Amazon Vine will send you free products to try!

Though this is an invitation-only opportunity with Amazon, if you qualify you can get some pretty cool free products and work from home, too!

How do you get invited to Amazon Vine? If you provide consistently useful reviews on and you participate this way regularly, you’ll make yourself a prime candidate for Amazon Prime.

Amazon Trade-In for Extra Cash
Photo by Ann Kathrin Bopp on Unsplash

5. Try Amazon Trade-In for Extra Cash

Have any unwanted electronics laying around your house? Trade them in with Amazon Trade-In and get Amazon gift cards in return!

If you have electronic devices, video games, or even books, you can potentially make some Amazon cash. Simply go online to Amazon Trade-In, submit your item so they can verify its condition, receive a quoted trade-in value, and ship it to Amazon for free! #EasyMoney

Finally, you can choose to get paid instantly, or to get your gift cards via mail — whatever you choose, why not make money on your undesirables?

6. Become Amazon Influencer

Do you have a good following on social media who engage with your content? If so, you can promote Amazon products on your social media accounts, and make some serious cash.

Whether you have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter following (or all of the above), you have to apply to become an Amazon Influencer.

If you qualify you’ll get to create a unique URL that you’ll share with your audience when you promote Amazon products. Whoever utilizes your URL to make a purchase will earn you a commission.

So, for all you social media gurus, take advantage of this easy Amazon work from home opportunity!

7. Sell Handmade Goods on Amazon

You’ve probably heard of Etsy for selling handmade products, but Amazon? Now that is news!

What makes Amazon Handmade different than Etsy?

  • They don’t just accept anyone, you have to apply
  • Because their handmade section is more selective and their reach is so vast, they do take a higher percentage of your sales than Etsy — a 15% commission, plus $1 referral fee
  • They have pretty strict rules for what products are acceptable

So, though your profit margins will be lower with Amazon Handmade, their worldwide reach coupled with the fact that your product won’t be listed alongside thousands of other handmade items (like on Etsy), might make for higher sales overall. #Win

8. Design for Money with Amazon Merch

Are you an artist or graphic designer? Submit a t-shirt design at Amazon Merch and if your design is approved they’ll advertise it, sell it and give you a cut from the profits.

Be warned — the market with Amazon Merch is highly competitive, but because it’s free to submit your designs, it’s a decent way to potentially make some extra cash from home.

If you’re going to give it a shot, the best method to use is to submit designs that are relevant to timely or seasonal occasions. Not only will it make your design more relevant, but it can increase your sales.

Amazon CamperForce
Photo by Eric Gilkes on Unsplash

9. Got an RV? Join Amazon’s CamperForce

Are you a camper? Is RV-ing your way of life? Well, I bet you’ve never heard of this!

Amazon’s CamperForce program allows you to earn up to $550/month per campsite by simply stowing, picking, packing and receiving their orders.

As a CamperForce member you can earn overtime, bonuses, and even during holiday seasons (fall to December 23) Amazon will cover your campsite fees (and maybe even some utilities)!

10. Expand Your Business with Amazon Service

Do you provide a household service for a living? Do you know how to landscape, repair, organize or whatever? If so, Amazon Service can help you grow your business!

The idea behind Amazon Services is similar to sites like Angie’s List. It connects local service professionals to people in their area who are in need of a household service.

So, anything from plumbing, landscaping, housecleaning or assembling can be promoted through Amazon Service. This promotion isn’t free unfortunately — it will cost you 15 to 20% of your cost, but it can be worth it if your business increases overall!

Amazon stay at home jobs
Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧 on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Amazon is no longer just a convenient online marketplace or quick courier service. Instead, Amazon has become the ideal employer offering work from home opportunities and side gigs for any and everyone.

Whether you’re committed to finding Amazon work from home jobs or you simply want a side gig to earn some extra cash, Amazon has multiple opportunities to choose from.

The benefits and perks you get by partnering with Amazon can be limitless. Their worldwide influence and their global reach have enabled them to hire thousands of remote workers in the U.S. alone. That means you’re possibly just an application away from finding the opportunity you’ve been hoping for! Thanks Amazon!

To see all of the other amazon stay at home jobs check out their virtual locations job board!

Happy Side Gig-ing!

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