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6 Free Budgeting Apps That Will Manage Your Money for You

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BUDGETING APPS – I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in a day to do even the most primitive tasks necessary for survival. So, the thought of using up the little time we do have to mull over tracking and maintaining our budgets? #AintNobodyGotTime

Are you with me?

So, what in the world are we to do? Throw in the towel on budgeting and reap financial doom? Nah.

We’ve got to find a way to maximize our minutes by automating the budgeting process. And you can do that with personal finance apps!

Budgeting Apps For The Win

Just imagine inputting your budget into a system one time, doing a few shimmy’s now and again and volia! It tracks and maintains your budget on its own.

Thankfully we’re living in a time where budgeting doesn’t have to be a time-sucking, necessary evil. Rather, it can be a nearly 100% automated process. Thank you, 21st Century!

There are a ton of budgeting apps out there, and I’ll be the first to say that some of them can complicate things and frustrate the living lights out of you. So, it’s important that you use the right budgeting tool for you.

But what are the best, most fabulous, time-saving budgeting apps out there?


The Top Personal Finance Budgeting Apps

1. Mint

The best freemium personal finance budgeting app is mint. It does everything you could possibly want a budgeting app to do.

Cost: $Freemium
Best Suited For:
Anybody… literally!

Imagine a personal finance budgeting app that’s an all-in-one budget butler. Anything you want to do you can get done with Mint.

Mint allows you to create a budget, categorize transactions automatically, maintain data on your spending, review overall cash-flow, discover ways to cut your costs and it will even send you a virtual poke (or shove) when you go over budget.

Though it’s one of the oldest budgeting apps out there, perhaps its age has helped refine it. Owned by the company that makes QuickBooks and TurboTax (eek! Taxes!), it’s highly trusted annnd it’s free!

Needing money management assistance? Try Mint. It’s essentially your digital finance Jeeves.

2. You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is one of the best personal finance budgeting apps out there.

Cost: $6.99/month (FREE 34-day trial)
Best Suited For:
The Type-A

If you looked into budgeting styles and you want to try the zero-based budget, perhaps consider You Need a Budget (YNAB).

YNAB allows you to see your finances all in one place (whether on your laptop or cellphone), and you can either sync your bank accounts to the app, or you can manually enter your expenses (for those of us who don’t like to divulge too much of our personal information).

Did I mention that YNAB provides some pretty cool features, like anticipating upcoming expenses, dividing your cash into categories and tracking your financial goals. #Win

3. Mvelopes

If you like the envelope system, try mvelopes. It's a digital mvelopes budgeting app.

Cost: $6/month, $19/month, or $79/month (one month FREE)
Best Suited For:
The Cash Handler

Into the envelope system? Need some serious help getting yourself in order? Mvelopes is the digital envelope system you’ve been waiting for.

You get to choose from three plans, the most basic version allows you to create a budget and link your bank accounts, the highest plan provides a monthly one-on-one with a financial coach. #Fancy

One of the best features, I think, is it’s ability to provide real-time budget matching, so you will never have to second-guess if you’ve got enough money in your bank account again.

4. PocketGuard

Have trouble with over spending? Pocketguard is one of the best budgeting apps to help you get your spending under control.

Cost: $Freemium
Best Suited For:
The over-spender

Have an issue with spending too much money? PocketGuard can save the day!

This handy tool tracks your spending and compares it to your monthly budget. It sees how much you earn, how much goes toward recurring expenses and savings, what you spend every day, and more. You can even turn on a feature that tracks every bill and it will search for ways to save you money! #Legit

If you’re looking to lower your spending, PocketGuard’s the way to go!

5. Goodbudget

Couples who budget together, stay together. A great personal finance budgeting app!

Cost: Free or $6/month
Best Suited For:
The Budgeting Couple

If you’ve got yourself a significant other, why not budget together with GoodBudget? Into the envelope budgeting style? GoodBudget might work great for you, too!

It provides the perfect app for couples to manage their finances together. It allows couples (or individuals – love will find you someday!) to sync and share budgets. You can input your transactions and add more details than you’ll probably ever need to use, breaking up your expenses into virtual “envelopes.”

“Couples who budget together, stay together.

6. EveryDollar

Zero-based budget

Cost: Free or $129.99/year
Best Suited For:
Zero-based Budgeting (Dave Ramsey) Fans

EveryDollar was created based on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps – the zero-based budgeting method.

EveryDollar helps you track your income, expenses, savings and giving (charity) on any device. When you upgrade to the Pro version you can connect your bank account and credit cards to the app and it will automatically monitor your spending. #TimeSaver

Final Thoughts

More than half of Americans don’t budget at all, perhaps because they don’t think they have the time. Yet, so many Americans are bogged down by debt. If that’s you and you want to get out, you’ve got to do something different.

Having the discipline to manage your money can be hard and finding the time to manage a budget can seem nearly impossible. But when you automate the budgeting process with budgeting apps, it relieves you of the burden and enables you to manage your money in a fraction of the time.

It’s time to get out of the rat race and find financial freedom so you can start living your life.

Happy Budgeting!

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