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101 Best Self-Employed Job Ideas for 2019

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Are you tired of working for employers who seem to have a little too much say over your time? Interested in ideas for self-employed jobs?

Today, more and more people are working for themselves once again.

It’s been estimated that by 2020 the number of Americans who will be self-employed will increase to 42 million workers! #HolySmokes

The Reality of Self-Employed Jobs

The thought of being self-employed can be scary and liberating all at the same time. But if you have experience in a particular field or even if you just have a natural ability to learn and do, it’s possible to create a thriving business that is all your own – doing almost anything.

Being self-employed allows you to:

  • Set your own hours
  • Determine what work you will or won’t do
  • Decide your own salary/hourly rate
  • Choose where you work

If you’re looking to get out of corporate America, if you’re tired of working for someone else, and if you have skills people need, then self-employment might be right for you.

So, we’ve put together a list of 101 self-employed job ideas that we believe are legitimate options for self-employment. The goal of this list is to get your wheels turning and to inspire you to pursue your work at home, self-employed dreams!

Best Self-Employed Job Ideas 2019

101 Best Self-Employed Job Ideas 2019

1. Blogger

2. Social Media Consultant

3. Video Editing

4. Podcast Host

5. Consultant

6. Event Manager/Planner

7. Online e-Commerce Business

8. Interior Decorator and Designer

9. Bookkeeper/Accountant

10. Virtual Assistant

11. Catering

12. Brick and Mortar Business

13. House Cleaning

14. Voice-Over Artist

15. Resume Writer/Editor

16. Home Stager

17. Rental Company

18. Personal Trainer

19. Tutoring

20. Handmade Craft Store

21. Airbnb Host

22. Graphic Designer

23. Web Developer/Designer

24. Online Course Creator

25. eBook Writer

26. Marketing Coordinator

27. Music Tutor

28. Real Estate Agent

29. Notary Public

30. Mobile Repair

31. Life Coach

32. Self-Published Author

33. Proofreader

34. Photographer

35. Career Coach

36. Dog Walker

37. Pet Sitter

38. Property Manager

39. DJ

40. Hairstylist

41. Makeup Artist

42. App Developer

43. Seamstress/Tailor

44. Food Truck Chef

45. Landscaping Company Owner

46. Affiliate Marketer

47. In-Home Massage Therapist

48. Electronics Repair

49. Artist

50. Travel Agent

51. Project Manager

52. Drop Shipping Business Owner

53. Dessert Company

54. Furniture Maker

55. Natural Beauty Products Maker

56. Pet Groomer

57. Translator

58. Computer Skills Tutor

59. Organization Coach

60. Dog Trainer

61. Lactation Consultant

62. Local Tour Company Owner

63. Genealogy Researcher

64. Grant Writer

65. Day Care Provider

66. Menu Planner

67. Copywriter

68. Tax Consultant

69. Remote English Teacher

70. Paid Ad Specialist

71. Business Consultant

72. Sales Consultant

73. Process Improvement Consultant

74. HR Consultant

75. Powerpoint Designer

76. Landing Page Specialist

77. House-sitter

78. Fiverr Seller

79. WordPress Consultant

80. Inventor

81. Beer Maker

82. Data Analyst

83. Yoga Instructor

84. Online Subcontractor

85. Craft Teacher

86. Mobile Car Wash

87. Caregiving

88. Carpet Cleaner

89. Home Appraiser

90. Mobile Laundry Service

91. Moving Company

92. Pool Cleaner

93. Sports Games Officiant

94. College Essay Editor

95. Snowplower

96. Clothing Designer

97. Antique Furniture Seller

98. Dance Instructor

99. Florist

100. Brand Ambassador

101. Administrative Assistant

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can create a thriving business doing almost anything these days. Because so many people are looking for convenience and want things done now, they are willing to pay you to meet their need.

Jumping into self-employment can be thrilling, liberating, scary and exciting! Not to state the obvious, but above all be sure you always have a well-thought out plan before jumping ship from your full-time job, and use wisdom in all of your decisions! (Says the mom in me.)

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Happy Planning!

Anything missing?

Comment below and let us know what other ways people are making an income for themselves.

Are you self-employed?

Share your experience, advice, and insight below!

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