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19 Best Selling Apps for Selling Your Things Online

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If you’re looking to make some extra cash selling your stuff, selling apps are the way to go. With selling apps for clothes, furniture, services and everything in between, you can get your stuff off your hands quick!

Flashback to two decades ago, and garage sales were the only way to make a buck (or a quarter) on your stuff. Thankfully times have changed and you don’t have to worry about lugging everything on your driveway anymore.

Check out this list of 19 best selling apps for selling your stuff today!

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a selling app that has been around for years — it may just be the original selling app! It allows you to post everything you can possibly think of to sell to people in your area.

Because Craigslist’s been around for so long, it is one of the most well-known and well-used selling apps out there. That means you’ll be able to get your stuff off of your hands a bit quicker than with some other apps (usually).

I personally love Craigslist because I’m always able to sell things, and at decent prices. While the platform isn’t the most user friendly, it isn’t terrible, and ultimately you get to post for free and keep every penny you sell your items for.

2. Poshmark

Looking to sell brand name clothing, shoes or fashion accessories? Turn to Poshmark!

Poshmark is a selling app that allows you to list your brand name clothes at whatever price you want. You can send exclusive discounts to followers/likers, and because it’s a well used app, you can sell things quickly.

I personally have made a couple hundred bucks since I first began using Poshmark, and it doesn’t tend to take too long to get things off my hands. One thing to keep in mind though, Poshmark does take a small cut from each earning, but it’s totally worth it — better than throwing them away for free, or trying to pawn them off for a quarter at your next garage sale!

3. Decluttr

Got old CD’s, DVDs, or tech that you want to get rid of? Before you go throwing it in the trash, check out Decluttr!

Declutter makes things super simple for its users. You simply log-in, enter your item, and within seconds you’ll receive a valuation. If you like the valuation, you accept it, download their free shipping label, package up your goods and ship them off!

One of the best parts of Decluttr is that one day after receiving your items they’ll deposit your earnings in your account! Decluttr is a great way to make a little extra cash for items you’d otherwise just throw away.

4. Letgo

Similar to Craigslist, Letgo is an app for selling stuff in your neighborhood. You can literally list anything you want on Letgo — if someone wants it you can sell it!

Sell anything from clothes, cars, shoes, furniture, stuff, and if you have something that doesn’t fall into a particular category, just label it as “other.”

Unlike Craigslist, Letgo is far more user friendly, making listing items simple and easy.

5. ThredUP

ThredUP is another app for selling your brand name clothes, except it’s a bit different from Poshmark.

They only accept clothes from 35,000 brands, and they may only accept certain types of items at any particular time. Rather than simply listing the items yourself, you have to order a free closet cleanout kit where once received you’ll insert your used clothing.

You’ll then send your clothes back to ThredUP. Once received they’ll review what you’ve sent and shoot you your earnings. ThreadUP has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, so while sending your clothes in before knowing how much they pay isn’t the most appealing, it is a trustworthy site.

6. OfferUp

OfferUp logo. Sell your stuff on this easy to use selling app!

OfferUP is another selling app similar to Letgo. You can list your items and sell them to those in your local area.

OfferUp doesn’t take a cut of your earnings, listing is for free, and hey it doesn’t hurt to list your items in multiple places to see what helps you sell your items first!

7. Facebook Marketplace

Gone are the days when Facebook was merely a social media platform. Facebook now offers the perk of selling groups and Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is probably one of the best places to list your items. Similar to other selling apps, you’re able to list your items to sell in your local area. Listing is free and Facebook does not take a cut of your earnings.

Because almost everyone uses Facebook today, Facebook Marketplace is well-used and selling things happens quickly. You simply create a listing, choose your price, list it, and you’ll start to get direct messages from interested buyers!

It’s super easy and a great resource for selling your stuff quick!

8. 5miles

5miles is an online marketplace that allows you to sell nearly anything, like the other selling apps. The one special feature with 5miles that some of the others don’t provide is the ability to filter your search results to listings within five miles of you.

While the app is accessible to anyone in the U.S., it is really best for people who live in the cities where 5miles is best used — including New York, Dallas, Miami and Tampa.

9. Instagram

You’d never think it, but Instagram can be a great place to sell your items, too! There are plenty of Instagram pages that are catered to selling items, some where you can send in pictures of your items and the requested details, and they’ll post your listing for you!

I’ve personally done this with a few of my brand name items, and I was able to sell two pieces for over $90 each! While finding these pages isn’t easy (it takes some searching), they are there.

If you have a lot of great things to sell, if you have a good following, then why not create your own Instagram page dedicate to selling your stuff? Share it with your audience and get to making extra cash!

10. Recycler

Recycler is another local selling app that lets you purchase and sell items in your local area. While you are able to sell things from nearly any category with Recycler, the main categories for selling are housing, pets and cars.

11. Etsy

Into refurbishing old furniture? Do you like to find and sell vintage clothing? Do you turn your findings into artwork? Try out Etsy!

Etsy is a selling platform that allows you to create a listing for $0.20 (plus they take a cut of the selling price), and have access to buyers from all around the world! It is a well-known and very well used application, so depending what you’re selling, you can get your pieces in-front of tons of people!

With Etsy it’s definitely important to provide thorough details, to take quality photos and to only list pieces that have a creative flare to them. Even though it is a global marketplace, you can choose to sell specific items to only local buyers, so it’s a flexible platform for sellers of all kinds!

12. Chairish

Are you into selling lightly used vintage furniture? Chairish is a great app to sell high quality furniture of all kinds.

If you take a look around the listings on Chairish, you’ll quickly see that their listed pieces don’t sell for cheap. We’re talking items priced in the hundreds and thousands!

So, if you’ve got quality furniture that you’d like to sell, check out Chairish. Listing an item is free, but Chairish does take a 20% cut from every item you sell.

13. Trove Marketplace

Trove is an app specific for selling your furniture. You’re able to set fixed prices, accept bids and choose what form of payment you accept.

When you’ve accepted an offer from a buyer, like the other apps, you’ll meet up and complete the exchange. Trove does process payments through their app, so if your buyer isn’t paying with cash, make sure you get a payment confirmation from Trove before letting the buyer leave with your pieces.

14. eBay

I’m sure you’ve heard of eBay — it’s an online selling platform that allows you to list pretty much anything that will sell. The perk with eBay is that you have access not just to local buyers, but buyers from around the world!

Whether you’re selling new products, vintage/used clothes, shoes, furniture, you can sell it with eBay! To list is free, but eBay does take a small cut from every sell you make.

15. Rover

Rover.com logo. Walk dogs and get paid every two days!

Rover is a platform that connects dog owners with dog lovers (those who love to care for dogs). You can select what services you offer, and you can choose from dog walking, dog sitting, drop-in visits, boarding, and more!

Rover does take a flat 20% of your earnings, but there are no other hidden fees!

I personally know quite a few friends who work with Rover and depending their location, they make quite a nice chunk of change every month. They’ve established relationships with some dog owners, and they have ongoing working relationships with them, providing services on a daily or weekly basis!

16. Wag!

Like Rover, Wag! is an online app that connects you with dog owners who simply need help walking their dogs.

To become a Wag Walker, you simply have to be 18 years old, be able to walk at least 20 minutes at a time, have prior dog experience, and pass a collar and harness test, as well as a situational test.

The more you walk, the more you earn!

17. Fiverr

Are you able to provide a creative service? Fiverr is an awesome platform that connects creatives like you with clients from all around the world!

Whether you’re into graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, programming or music (and more), you can list and sell your services to interested clients.

Fiverr allows you to offer almost any kind of service, and make as much as you want. You list your own fees, establish your own turnaround times, and manage your own client communications.

I have personally used Fiverr to hire multiple designers for my work, and I can’t emphasize enough how awesome Fiverr is!

18. Upwork

Upwork is another online platform that connects you with potential clients/employers from around the world. Unlike Fiverr, you don’t create a listing for the services you provide, employers are the one’s who create the listings in hopes of finding the right candidate to do the job.

Upwork requires freelancers to pretty much bid for a job, sending in a resume and cover letter of sorts and offering the price their willing to do the job for. Employers then select from applicants who they want to complete the job.

While Upwork is a great platform, it’s well-known, therefore the competition is thick. Because you’re competing with candidates from around the world, you might have to offer to do a job for a price far lower than you would be willing to do it otherwise.

I personally suggest to use Upwork as a last resort.

18. Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb is a platform I’m sure you’ve heard of, but did you know you can make money with Airbnb even if you don’t have a spare room (or house) to rent to travelers?

With Airbnb Experiences you can offer unique experiences in your location, you can offer it on Airbnb! From fitness classes, to guided tours, to classes and workshops, you can help Airbnb provide visitors with memorable experiences!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re wanting to make money from selling your things or selling a service, these apps will help you do it. Instead of throwing your goods out, or letting talent go to waste, use these selling apps to start making money today!

Goodbye to garage sales and goodbye wasted talent! It’s time to make some extra cash!

Happy Earning!

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