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Legit Work From Home Jobs: What You Need To Know

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There’s something so mysterious about people who have work from home jobs. It’s like there’s a secret club they’re in that you weren’t invited to. While you sit stuck in traffic on your way to work every day, they melt into their couch and make an income while they’re at it. #NoFair

You probably know someone who works remotely – or at least you’ve seen them.

Your neighbor with five kids, a wife and a well-kept house. He’s always home and you’ve never been able to figure out how he does it. Does this brotha even work?!

Chances are, you’re witnessing the life of a remote working man.

As fantastical as work at home jobs may seem, working at home is actually on the rise. It’s estimated that today nearly 10% of the American population works at home at least half-time.

Want to join the club?

Yeah… who wouldn’t!

Below you’ll find a thorough overview of what remote work is, what it isn’t, the good and the bad working from home brings, and more. (Click the titles below to jump to each section.)

SECTION 1: Remote Work 101
SECTION 2: Pros and Cons of Working from Home
SECTION 3: Who Hires Remote Workers?
SECTION 4: How to Avoid Work at Home Job Scams
SECTION 5: How to Verify a Stay at Home Job Listing is Legit?

Benefits of work at home jobs.

What is Remote Work?

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of the typical corporate office setting. The idea is that you don’t have to be in a specific location to get the job done.


Remote work/work from home jobs have been around for decades. Recently, with the rise of the entrepreneur and with start up companies giving large, established corporations a run for their money, more and more companies are opting-in.


There are a variety of ways people can work from home. Essentially, you get to choose to work in the way that makes the most sense for your life.

You work from your own work-space, wherever that may be. Whether your office is in your home, your favorite coffee shop or a co-working space you rent out.

You literally can work anywhere.

Also, most stay at home jobs provide workers the flexibility of working their own hours – while some do require strict schedules.


One misconception regarding remote work is that work is not reliable because all work from home jobs are 1099 status (independent contractor). Fortunately, though a lot of work from home jobs are 1099, depending the opportunity, employee status can come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s possible to find telecommute jobs that are W-2 (legit employee status), seasonal, or contracted. There are also plenty of full-time and part-time work from home jobs, too. Simply establish what your needs require from your job and seek out an opportunity that meets those needs.


I think the answer to this question is specific to each person because the answer can literally be any and everything.

I personally knew a man who worked from home because his wife was ill. By working from home he was able to provide her the care she needed while meeting their financial needs.

Others work from home because they don’t want to send their kids to daycare, or they simply don’t like working face-to-face with other people lol Let’s be real here!

In the end, regardless the reason, most remote workers choose stay at home jobs because they find it provides the flexibility they crave, and the work environment they thrive in.

So, whether you’re looking for stay at home mom jobs or you’re wanting a side job from home, it’s possible to find a remote work opportunity that meets your needs.

Pros and Cons of working from home

Pros and Cons of Working from Home


    Ever called out of work simply because you were over it? The commute, the micromanagement. Perhaps you called out because you wanted, if even for a day, to feel like you own your time and can do what you want with it.

    That’s one of the lures of remote jobs. They provide the flexibility of working where and how you want. So, rather than feeling like your time is being held captive by your employer, working a stay at home job can provide you the flexibility to:
    • start as early or as late as you’d like
    • spread your hours out across the day
    • take a day off and work extra as needed
    • have the work/life balance you’ve always craved
    • have authority over your own time
    If you put in the work to find the right remote job for you, you’ll find that you’re happier, and less stressed.

    Just imagine no commute. Simply eliminating that alone will likely increase your overall well-being. Imagine feeling that relief every day.

    Remote work truly can give you back the rights to your time, and you’ll feel better for it.
    Remote workers have proven to produce better work. Perhaps that’s because the flexibility of working from home gives them the jolt they need to renew their passion for what they do.

    Though you’re still working for someone else, in a remote position (unless of course you open your own business), because you have ownership of how and where you work (and sometimes when you work), you feel empowered. Therefore you get motivation that in-office work can sometimes rob from you.
    Instead of forking out a chunk of your paycheck toward gas or transportation fares, you get to pocket that money.

    When I worked near San Francisco, I had to drive to BART (equivalent to NYC Subway). I paid for parking and for a round trip train ticket. This was a Monday through Friday endeavor that cost me around $500/month.

    Think about how much you’re spending on transportation for work, and just imagine what you could do with that money instead. Maybe pay off that credit card that’s been haunting you? Or maybe even take yourself on that weekend trip that has been long overdue?

    Finally, working at home puts less wear and tear on your car, it allows you to eat lunch at home instead of always being tempted to buy out. #Guilty

    The cost savings working from home can provide (if you do it right) can really impact the money you’re bringing in.
    I’ve found that since working from home, I produce a lot more with my time because there’s less distractions.

    Working from home allows you to really hone into your work, and get more done with the same amount of time — if you do it right.


    For those of you who are people person’s, you might find that working remotely can get lonely. After all, you are working by yourself all day.

    Some remote jobs never provide the opportunity to even meet your coworkers, so you’ll also have to get used to working with physical strangers — though it’s still possible to make close relationships with your coworkers.
    Many people who work from home find it hard to turn themselves off and truly clock out of work. Because if you think about it, work is always with you.

    Unlike working at an office, you go home and leave your work behind. When you have a stay at home job? It can be with you wherever you go. However, this doesn’t need to be an issue if you establish a schedule, and stick to the schedule. Often poor work/life balance in the telecommuting world isn’t due to remote employers, but rather the remote employees.
    You wake up in the morning, sit up, pull out your laptop — you’re at work.

    You’ve got the TV in front of you and boy you are itching to binge on the new Stranger Things season. OH how the distractions abound when you work at home.

    So, if you’re someone who has a hard time keeping to task at an in-office position, it might be even harder for your to stay on task when you work at home. Everything can become a distraction, so you’ve got to have self-control, and be disciplined to remain focused on your job and your deadlines.
    Working at home requires another level of communication skills. Because you’re not face-to-face with your employer, you have to be a bit more strategic with when you choose to communicate and how you choose to communicate.

    If you don’t utilize the appropriate level of communication it can jeopardize your job, cause unnecessary miscommunication (and therefore frustration) and make your time a whole lot less enjoyable.

    Remote employers generally aren’t and don’t want to be micro-managers, so do them the favor when you begin a stay at home position and ask them what their expectations are in terms of communication. Do they want you to check in daily? Weekly? Etc.
How to avoid work at home job scams.

Who Hires Remote Workers?


While remote work is not restricted to these industries, the industries that are well known for providing stay at home opportunities are:

  • Technology
  • Administrative
  • Medical
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Business


The jobs that can be done from home are nearly endless. Here are a few common positions that tend to fill up remote job sites:

  • Web developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Copywriter
  • Bookkeeper/Accountant
  • Medical Billing Associate
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Tutor


People tend to flock toward big-name companies who hire remote workers because they feel more secure working for a well-known brand. Some of the big-name companies that are known for hiring remote are:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Humana
  • Dell
  • Allegis Transcription
  • Kaplan
  • Glassdoor

How to Avoid Work from Home Job Scams

Unfortunately, the amount of ruthless scammers ready to prey on work at home hopefuls is disgusting. For every legitimate work at home job listed, there are anywhere from 60-70 scams! Yikes!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a work at home job, be careful and trust your instincts. If something sounds fishy, smells fishy, and looks fishy? Probably fishy.


One thing’s for sure, most scammers are not very innovative. Many of them tend to use the same verbiage. Here’s some keywords to look out for:

  • unlimited earnings
  • quick money
  • free work at home jobs
  • investment opportunity
  • no sales required


While this is in no way an exhaustive list (because some scammers are craftier than others), here are some common signs to be aware of when searching for legitimate work at home jobs:

  • You apply and get offered a job immediately without verifying your work experience
  • The position requires you to pay upfront expenses in order to begin
  • If it sounds too good to be true and they’re promising tons of money for little work
  • The job ad promises quick cash and extreme amounts of money over a short period of time
  • In order to apply or during the interview you’re asked to provide personal finance or identification information
  • The job ad or the recruiter shares “rags to riches” stories of other workers who joined their “team”
  • Compensation is dependent on how many people you recruit
  • and more!
How to verify a work at home job listing

How to Verify a Work from Home Job Listing


If a potential employer responds to your application, but they’re unwilling to give you the name of their company (giving you some odd reason why), take that as a red flag.


When/if they supply you with the hiring company’s name, bust out your computer and do some research.

Are they real? Where are they located? Do they have a LinkedIn business page? Can you find the recruiter you’ve been communicating with on their LinkedIn business page? Etc.


Sometimes scammers can use legitimate company names, but they themselves are not employees of that organization. So, if you’re feeling like something isn’t right, reach out to the company.

Don’t use the contact information the potential scam recruiter gave you, rather go to the company website, find their listed contact information and reach out there.

When you call or email simply ask if they are hiring for the particular position you applied for and who the hiring manager is. Better to be safe than sorry.


While this isn’t true 100% of the time, generally most legitimate work at home jobs will have a solid interview process.

This includes reaching out to you initially via email, conducting your interviews either via telephone or video chat, and potentially (if you’re in close proximity to the company’s physical location), you may be asked to come in-person for a final interview.

Above all, always use your best judgement. If something feels off, but you’re not sure, do your due diligence to find out if it is. And never give out personal financial or identification information if you’re unsure about a job’s legitimacy.

NOTE: Now, although some job listings seem scammy, they might actually be legitimate. For instance, I took a remote position as a Project Manager, and the entire interview process took place via email. They provided several in-depth questions, I wrote my responses and after a few of these back and forths, I was offered the position (and it ended up being one of my higher paid remote positions ever).

To this day I have yet to talk to anyone on my team over the phone or video chat. So, ultimately, I advise that you simply use discernment and wisdom on a case-by-case basis.

How to make money from home.

Final Thoughts

In short, working at home comes with plenty of benefits, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are itching to find their way in. However, finding remote work can be a daunting task when you consider the level of competition it brings. But finding remote work is possible.

Remember to always be on guard while on your job hunt, because scammers are ruthless and you do not want to become their victim.

If a work at home job listing seems too good to be true, chances are it is. But thankfully there are plenty of legitimate work at home positions that you can pursue.

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Have you been on the work at home job hunt? What has your experience been? What questions do you have? Have you ran into scammers?

Share your experience below in the comment section. We’ve all got valuable insights to give!

Happy Job Hunting!

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